Which SAS Platform Modernisation Path is Essential for your Business?

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Legacy SAS platforms, while robust, are increasingly becoming a bottleneck for businesses striving for agility and innovation. They often lack the flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities required to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of modern data.

In  this webinar, we will specifically focus on SAS Modernisation Paths, exploring the various options, opportunities, and challenges involved.

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Introduction to Understand the Challenges

We discuss cost implications, uncertainty in selecting the best path and the concerns about the future of SAS Language.

Discuss Various Modernisation Paths

We give an overview of the available modernisation paths and the pros and cons of each path. We also assess cost and ROI.

Selecting and Planning Your Path

Making the best choice means developing a roadmap. Establishing clear objectives, milestones,  strategies and resources

3 Key Insights

This webinar offers attendees valuable insight
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Understanding of Evolving Technology

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Benefits of Modernisation

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Planning and Evaluation

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic planning and evaluation processes necessary for successful SAS platform modernisation.


Not sure if this webinar is relevant to you? Here are the answers to a few common questions.
Who should attend this webinar?
  • Organisations working with SAS and facing high platform costs.
  • Businesses with SAS platforms in need of modernisation.
  • Decision-makers uncertain about the best path for SAS language environment modernisation.
  • IT professionals and data analysts looking for future-proof data analytics solutions.
How can SAS modernisation benefit my organisation?

Modernising your SAS platform can bring numerous benefits to your organisation, such as improved cost efficiency, enhanced data management capabilities and the ability to stay ahead of industry trends. You will learn how modernisation can contribute to operational savings and how some tools can offer advanced analytics, scalability, and deployment flexibility. The webinar will also highlight the potential for reduced future maintenance costs and increased competitive advantage through agile modernisation methods

What are the common obstacles in SAS modernisation, and how can they be addressed?

Common obstacles in SAS modernisation include resistance to change, prioritisation of other projects, and the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. During the webinar, we will discuss strategies to manage these challenges, such as defining clear deliverables, measuring the benefits of modernisation and fostering end-user adoption through continuous communication. We will also explore how to leverage economies of scale and cumulative knowledge to introduce agility and certainty into your modernisation projects.