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Harnessing the Power of Data and Analytics to Drive Transformative Change


Data & Analytics Expertise

Our focus on Data and Analytics ensures IT excellence follows seamlessly. This guarantees that the steps we take towards a fitting solution are underpinned by our extensive expertise in D&A.

Outcome-Centric Solutions

Analytium is dedicated to providing solutions that focus on measurable outcomes. Our solutions are designed to align with your success metrics to deliver real results.

Risk-Free Approach

Our guaranteed fixed-fee approach offers stability and predictability, ensuring your investment will produce the outcome you want to achieve. This guarantees a solid return on investment.

Our Services

Start improving productivity by taking on a data-driven approach. We use the best AI and machine learning capabilities to retrieve insights from your data that can be acted upon. Taking these measures ensures legitimate data analysis and is completely reliable, improving decision making within your business.

Data Science

Data Platform Assessment

Our Data Platform Assessment services provide a thorough examination of your current data infrastructure.

1. It is essential for ensuring it aligns with business objectives and is capable of supporting future growth.
2. It uncovers performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, allowing for a more robust and risk-mitigated data strategy.
3. A well-assessed platform is foundational to leveraging big data and analytics.
Artificial Intelligence More

Advanced Analytics Implementation

Analytium's Data Science offerings extend from statistical analysis to advanced predictive modelling and actionaable insights.

1. Data Science unlocks hidden patterns and insights within your data, translating into smarter business decisions and operational efficiencies.
2. It's central to developing predictive models that anticipate market trends, customer behaviours and potential risks.
3. Integrating data science into your business strategy fosters a data-centric culture.
SAS Modernisation

SAS Platform Modernisation

Our services focus on upgrading and transforming your existing SAS environment to align with the latest technology.

1. Harness the full potential of analytics and ensures seamless integration with modern infrastructure and technologies.
2. It enables the utilisation of next-gen SAS analytics features and functionalities.
3. Companies benefit from increased performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency, which are key facilitators of a sophisticated data environment.


Engaged Clients


Projects Delivered


Modernised Data Platforms

Accelerate with Technology

We are a team of Data & Analytics experts who help organisations adopt technologies to discover new strategies to improve processes and business decisions.

AI-enhanced Business Intelligence Platforms

Integrating advanced AI capabilities to drive smarter analytics and reporting.

Cloud Data Warehouses

We offer a range of capabilities and flexible data storage solutions that support real-time insight generation.

Automated Data Integration Tools

Tools to increase the flow and transformation of data in order to extract value from your dataset are seamless


Webinar on Best Practices and Innovations with SAS9 Modernisation and Starburst

Date: 10 July 2024 | Time: 13H00 BST | Zoom Platform Are you ready to elevate your data and analytics capabilities? Join us for an exciting webinar where we have a thorough look ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

Transforming Workforce Productivity with GenAI

The speed and efficiency with which organisations can access and use information is vital to their ability to execute and create competitive advantage. Yet, many companies find ...
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Sander de Hoogh

Data Enrichment and Transformation: A Comprehensive Case Perspective

Today, organisations are inundated with vast amounts of data from various sources. This data, however, often comes in unstructured, inconsistent, and incomplete forms, making it ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

Join Us for the Snowflake & SAS9 Platform Modernisation Webinar

Date: 18 July 2024 | Time: 13H00 BST | Zoom Platform Are you ready to elevate your data and analytics capabilities? Join us for an exciting webinar where we have a thorough look ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

GenAI in Analytics: Call Centre Optimisation

In customer service, call centres play a crucial role in maintaining overall satisfaction and loyalty. However, managing a call centre is a complex task that involves handling ...
Sander de Hoogh
Sander de Hoogh

Data-Driven Decision-Making with AI

Making informed decisions quickly and accurately is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into decision-making processes has ...
Sander de Hoogh
Sander de Hoogh

Leveraging AI for Data Analytics: Focus on Business Value

Businesses are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock the potential of their data. AI-driven data analytics can provide deep insights, drive efficiency, ...
Sander de Hoogh
Sander de Hoogh

Optimising SAS on Mainframes: Challenges and Modernisation Strategies

SAS and the zSeries Mainframe History The IBM zSeries Mainframe has been a vital processing platform for many major companies, known for its security, resilience, and performance, ...
John Croasdale
John Croasdale

Analytium at the Forefront of Innovation: Highlights from the 13th UK Altair Technology Conference

The 13th UK Altair Technology Conference (ATC), held on May 21, 2024, at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire, was a convergence of minds and ideas where the future of digital ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

Exploring the AI Frontier at Bradford University

Insights from the Bradford University AI Forum On Friday, May 17th 2024, Bradford University became a nexus for AI enthusiasts and professionals as it hosted its successful AI ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

Evaluating SAS in the Modern Analytics Market

What is driving the evolving change in data analytics and increasing its pace? Data volume, The growing demand for real-time insights and The need for cost-effective, scalable ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

The Business Case for SAS Modernisation

Users of SAS9 and SAS Mainframes are faced with a complex question. Modern platforms are rapidly developing into highly capable data & analytics environments with innovations ...
Sander de Hoogh
Sander de Hoogh

Mainframe SAS® 2024 and Beyond

I wrote a blog about Mainframe SAS in 2023, and 10 months later, I thought I should revisit the situation.
Andrew Gadsby
Andrew Gadsby

Data & Analytics: Top 3 Trends Shaping the Industry

The data analytics (D&A) industry is at the forefront of change, providing organisations with unparalleled opportunities to grow and thrive. Our research highlights three top ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

Descriptive Analytics: A Guide for Heads of Departments

Descriptive Analytics is a foundational stage in the data and analytics (D&A) journey. This part of the journey is where organisations can create detailed reports and ...
Ben Dorothy
Ben Dorothy

Cloud Analytics and its Implementation in Businesses

As digital business expands at a rapid pace, businesses are posed with numerous opportunities and threats. One of those is the ability to adapt and leverage every growing volume ...
Ben Dorothy
Ben Dorothy

Digital Analytics: Empowering Business Leadership

As more businesses adopt the digital economy, leaders are faced with a decision. Are you continuing down the traditional path, or will you use digital analytical capabilities to ...
Vasilij Nevlev
Vasilij Nevlev

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