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About Us

Full stack data analytics provider for your organisation, where data meets insight. We specialise in delivering precise data and analytics solutions, empowering businesses to make informed decisions. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to shape a data-centric future, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Who We Are

We are {An}alytium, a leading analytics agency with a profound understanding of data. We are a  team of passionate and experienced professionals comprising of proficient data scientists, engineers and business experts committed to empowering businesses through strategic use of data.

What We Do

We provide an array of data analytics consulting services, which include data platform assessment, machine learning, AI, and analytics consulting. We specialise in transforming raw data into actionable insights through advanced data analytics and cloud solutions.

Why Work With Us

With our proven methodologies and innovative solutions, we blend technical and industry expertise to deliver a tailored solution for our customers. Our transparent project management approach ensures timeous and cost-effective delivery. We simplify vendor management by integrating top-tier solutions.

Meet the Analytium Team

Vasilij Nevlev, Director, Analytium
Financial Director
Nicola Nevlev, Financial Director, Analytium
Head of Operations
Ben Dorothy, Head of Operations, Analytium
Commercial Director
Sander De Hoogh, Commercial Director, Analytium
Business Development Manager
Andrew Gadsby, Business Development Manager, Analytium
Senior Data Scientist
Pavel Rogatch, Senior Data Scientist, Analytium
Cloud Engineer
Lukasz Ruminski, Cloud Engineer, Analytium
Kubernetes Platform Engineer
Tim Matthews, Kubernetes Platform Engineer, Analytium
Lead SAS Consultant
Mat Cullimore, Lead Consultant, Analytium
Senior SAS Consultant
Howard Lethbridge, Senior SAS Consultant, Analytium
Senior SAS Consultant
Chris Machin, Senior SAS Consultant, Analytium
Senior SAS Consultant
Rafal Gagor, Senior SAS Consultant, Analytium
SAS Consultant
Pawel Michaluk, SAS Consultant, Analytium
Senior SAS Data Integration Developer
Veera Gujjala, Senior SAS Data Integration Developer, Analytium
SAS DI Analyst/Programmer
Somasekhar Velivelli, SAS DI Analyst/Programmer, Analytium
Senior Mainframe Consultant
John Croasdale, Senior Consultant, Analytium
Natalia Lazarevich, Consultant, Analytium
Aksana Tsikunova, Consultant, Analytium
Eddie Leung, Consultant, Analytium
Associate Consultant
Maryna Paluyanava, Associate Consultant, Analytium
Associate Consultant
Mikita Torapau, Associate Consultant, Analytium
Deputy Director in Administration
Volha Silchanka, Deputy Director of Finance, Analytium
Project Management Office Analyst
Anna Khiliuta, Project Management Office Analyst, Analytium
Marketing Executive
Natalie Velimahitopoulos, Marketing Executive, Analytium
Senior Sales Executive
Chris Wilcox, Senior Sales Executive, Analytium
Sales Executive
Jack Vaughan, Sales Executive, Analytium
Danielle De Hoogh, Graphic Designer, Analytium
Recruitment Associate
Larissa Pearce, Recruitment Associate, Analytium
Office Assistant
Anastasiya Karkvelis, Office Assistant, Analytium

What We Offer

Power BI Consultant

Extensive Technical Expertise

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with multi-disciplined backgrounds including mathematics, statistics, data science, and data integration.

With Analytium as your partner, you benefit from the support of an entire team rather than individual consultants.

Leverage the experience of these specialists and bring their skills and expertise into your organisation.

Data Analytic Services

Portfolio in Various Industries

Technical expertise is only part of the equation. The success of a data analytics project is largely the result of subject matter expertise. The team behind Analytium has been involved in projects in the following industries: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, and Retail/E-Commerce.

Having worked with organisations in varied sectors and scale, Analytium is able to understand what is important to you and your company.

Data Assessment More

Transparent Project Management

The downfall of many data analytics projects of scale is poor project management. To avoid this, we offer full transparency. Analytium shares resource allocation at a very granular level and in near real-time. Our projects are fully documented, aligning with PMP (Project Management Professional) best practices.

With this approach, the chance of delivering your project on time, within scope and within budget is drastically increased.

Data Analytics Service

One Stop Data Analytics Hub

The process of building a data analytics solution involves many parts. Analytium implements the best suited full-stack solution.

Our strong partnerships with the industry leaders in data analytics solutions enable us to give you the best and latest tools and software without you having to manage multiple vendor relationships.

Analytics Agency (2)

Streamlined Communication

With Analytium, you aren’t just a number. Your business matters to us, and we always strive to be readily available for you. We keep correspondence timely and welcome any feedback.

Data Maturities

Immediate ROI on

Your in-house team receives hands-on training from our experts, ensuring collaboration between your team and ours. Your data analytics project is an investment in your team’s career development. Taking this approach, you can effectively achieve dual objectives: deliver a successful project while enhancing your team's skillset.


Team Members


Successful Traineeships


Countries Represented

Our Organisation's Culture

Our Values

At the heart of our ethos are Trust, a Win-Win Approach and an unwavering commitment to you, our valued customers. Our values are not just principles, they are our promises...

Our vision and mission  reflect our commitment to our customer's success. We look beyond data to leverage it as a strategic asset, helping our customers achieve their business objectives, maximise ROI from their data and analytics investments, and gain a competitive edge.

Our Mission

To use our exceptional Data and Analytics expertise to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions that empower organisations and their employees...

To use our exceptional Data and Analytics expertise to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions that empower organisations and their employees to make data-driven decisions and achieve the best outcomes.

Our Vision

Analytium excels at building, retaining and leveraging in-depth data and analytics expertise, to develop and deliver data-driven business solutions. We use the capabilities of new technologies...

Analytium excels at building, retaining and leveraging in-depth data and analytics expertise to develop and deliver data-driven business solutions. We use the capabilities of new technologies to bring the benefits of a data-driven culture to any organisation, at any level, accelerating their mission beyond what they can do today. Our company is built on empowering our team with extreme transparency using data, which enables them to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers. We innovate through exceptional data and analytics expertise and use that to push the boundaries of how lives are improved with a data-driven mindset.

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Regardless of your business size or the scope of your project, start your data-driven transformation here! Connect with us to unlock the full potential of your business data.