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Azure Data Platform

The Azure Data Platform contains all resources an organisation may need to start or accelerate their Data & Analytics journey. Our experts specialise in creating platform that streamline data warehouse processes, integrate variouis sources and unlock a single source. 

Data Security

Data Security

The Azure Data Platform provides a highly secure, scalable foundation for all your data, enabling robust analytics and AI capabilities.
Data in Real Time

Data in Real Time

The platform simplifies data management, storage, and processing, allowing for real-time, data-driven decision-making, even with large volumes and diverse data sets.
Data Support

Diverse Data Support

The platform's flexibility supports a range of analytics scenarios, from operational reports to advanced machine-learning applications.

Technology Overview

The Azure Data Platform is a complete ecosystem that facilitates the storage, management, and analysis of data in the cloud, providing organisations with agility and the tools they need to derive meaningful insights from their data.


Discover how our focus on deep Data & Analytics technology expertise delivers solutions that are designed to deliver on the outcomes you expect.

What makes Azure Data Platform a good choice for scalable data solutions?
Its ability to handle data of any size and scale dynamically is coupled with a suite of integrated tools to support growth.
Can I move my on-premises databases to the Azure Data Platform easily?
Yes, Azure and our experts provide services and guidance to facilitate a smooth migration of databases to the cloud.
How does Azure Data Platform enhance business analytics?
By providing a range of analytics services that work together seamlessly, it enables you to extract and visualise data insights more effectively.

Featured Use Cases

Building a Scalable Data Warehouse for Enhanced Business Intelligence

Building a Scalable Data Warehouse for Enhanced Business Intelligence

Context and Need: BI departments often struggle with integrating data from various sources and lack scalable solutions for data storage and analysis, hindering effective business intelligence capabilities​​​​.
Practical Application: The Azure Data Platform can be utilised to build a scalable and efficient data warehouse solution tailored for midmarket companies. This platform allows BI teams to consolidate data from multiple sources, providing a unified view for in-depth analysis and reporting. This centralised approach enhances data accessibility and analysis, leading to better-informed strategic decisions and an improved understanding of business trends and customer behaviours.
Implementing a Data Lake for Advanced Data Analytics in Marketing

Implementing a Data Lake for Advanced Data Analytics in Marketing

Context and Need: Marketing departments require comprehensive data solutions to analyse customer data and market trends but often face challenges with data volume and variety​​.
Practical Application: Using the Azure Data Platform, a data lake can be implemented to accommodate the large volumes and variety of data typical in marketing. This solution provides marketers with the flexibility to store and analyse structured and unstructured data, enabling more sophisticated analytics such as customer sentiment analysis, market trend predictions, and personalised campaign strategies.
Streamlining Financial Reporting and Compliance with Azure Data Platform

Streamlining Financial Reporting and Compliance with Azure Data Platform

Context and Need: Finance departments in midmarket companies need robust systems for financial reporting and compliance but often face challenges with data consolidation and real-time analysis​​​​.
Practical Application: The Azure Data Platform offers an ideal solution for streamlining financial reporting and compliance. By integrating financial data sources into a centralised platform, finance teams can achieve more efficient data management, real-time financial reporting, and advanced analytics capabilities. This integration facilitates compliance with financial regulations and aids in strategic financial planning, budgeting, and risk management.

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