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Flexible Workforce Solutions

Bridging the Skills Gap in Data Analytics - Gain access to skilled and experienced professionals in Data Analytics, who will collaborate seamlessly with your team to deliver results efficiently and at scale, tailored to your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Application Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning Engineering
Azure Data Platform

Azure Data Platform

  • Azure Data Platform Architecture
  • Azure Data Platform Administration
  • Azure Data Platform Infrastructure Engineering (Containerisation/Kubernetes)
  • Azure Data Platform Engineering
  • Azure Data Platform Visualisation
SAS Analtyics Platforms

SAS Analytics Platforms

  • SAS Analytics Architecture
  • SAS Analytics Platform Administration
  • SAS Analytics Data Engineering
  • SAS Analytics Data Visualisation
  • SAS Analytics Mainframe Engineering

Benefits of Using Analytium's Talent as a Service

Our flexible, short-term engagement model ensures you get the expertise you need without long-term commitments. We can help you bridge your data analytics talent gap swiftly and efficiently.

Access to Niche Skills

Access highly skilled professionals with specialised knowledge in Data Analytics technologies.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly fill gaps in your workforce to ensure continuity and meet critical project deadlines.


Flexible costing options tailored to your project requirements, including UK, EU and non EU resource options.

Short-Term Commitment

Engage our experts on a temporary basis to meet immediate needs without long-term obligations.

No IR35 Consideration

Compliance is managed by Analytium, removing the administrative burden from your team.

Guaranteed Work Completion

We ensure that all work is completed to the highest standard, meeting your specific needs.

Featured Use Cases

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Federal Insurance

Context and Need:
Federal Insurance had a large-scale project underway that required specialised skills in functional analysis, data analysis, data modelling, and SAS ETL development and testing.

Their existing project team lacks the necessary expertise in these areas.

To ensure the project's success and timely completion, Federal Insurance decides to utilise Analytium's flexible workforce solution to supplement their team with specialised skills.

Practical Application:
Analytium's consultants worked closely with the existing project team to conduct in-depth functional analysis, they identified requirements and defined the scope of the project. They leveraged their expertise in data analysis to extract insights from the available data sources, which helped in informed decision-making during the project lifecycle. Additionally, they used their skills in data modelling to design efficient data structures that supported the project's objectives.

Furthermore, the consultants were responsible for SAS ETL development and testing, ensuring that data was accurately extracted, transformed, and loaded into the target systems. They collaborated with the project team to develop robust testing strategies and conducted thorough testing to validate the integrity and quality of the data.
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Context and Need:
AXA Crelan's SAS reporting processes are essential for their day-to-day operations.

Due to a long-term absence within their SAS development team, there was a gap in maintaining and enhancing these reporting processes.

To ensure business continuity and the reliability of their reporting systems, AXA Crelan decided to engage Analytium's flexible workforce solution to cover the absence and take over the development and maintenance.

Practical Application:
Analtium's SAS consultant seamlessly integrated into the existing team, quickly understanding the architecture and requirements of the SAS reporting processes. They assumed responsibility for maintaining and enhancing these processes, ensuring they continued to meet the evolving needs of the organisation.

Analytium's consultant conducted a thorough review of the existing SAS codebase, identifying areas for optimisation and improvement. They implemented best practices in SAS development to enhance the efficiency, performance, and maintainability of the reporting processes. Additionally, they troubleshot any issues that arose and provided timely support to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Furthermore, the consultant collaborated with stakeholders to gather requirements for new reports or enhancements to existing ones. They leveraged their expertise in SAS development to design and implement these changes, delivering high-quality solutions that met the business objectives.
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Context and Need:
Euroclear is undertaking various initiatives to modernise and maintain their SAS systems, which are critical for their operations in the financial sector.

The existing team lacks the bandwidth and expertise to handle these initiatives effectively.

To accelerate progress and ensure the success of these initiatives, Euroclear engages Analytium's flexible workforce solution to support the team across multiple modernisation projects.

Practical Application:
Analytium's SAS consultant worked alongside the existing team to support various modernisation initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency, scalability, and maintainability of their SAS systems. They began by conducting a comprehensive requirements analysis, working closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and objectives.

Drawing on their expertise in data analysis, Analytium's consultant assisted in assessing the current state of the SAS systems, identified areas for improvement, and defined solution approaches. They collaborated with the team to develop and implement modernisation strategies, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in SAS development.

The consultant actively participated in SAS development activities, contributing their knowledge and skills to design and implement solutions that addressed the identified requirements. They also played a key role in solution validation, conducted thorough testing to ensure the quality and reliability of the modernised SAS systems before deployment.

Let's Do This

How it Works

To begin with an initial consultation to understand your needs, please complete this form, and we will get in contact with you.

Once we have discovered more about what your organisation needs, we will develop tailored solutions and a customised plan for your requirements.

You can then expect deployment. We will assign and onboard one of our skilled professionals to work with your team.

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