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GamCare's Journey to Data-Driven Impact Through Strategic Transformation

GamCare is a charity that provides support and advice to those affected by problem gambling.

The Challenge

GamCare faced the challenge of:

  1. Managing and using their existing data to improve efficiencies throughout the business.
    Their legacy data was held in multiple, standalone systems, which made it difficult to gather and use information across multiple sources.
  2. The data team struggled to locate, collate, and report on this data
    This slowed down processes and made things unnecessarily complex.
  3. Communication

The Solution

  1. GamCare got on board with an ambitious digital transformation programme and decided to implement a new CRM system.
  2. With one of the main challenges being the ability to help people realise the positive impact that data has on their everyday lives, GamCare decided to clearly communicate the vision of what could be possible. With a new strategic direction and a clear data roadmap for the future, people began to see what it could do.
  3. The central objective for this project was to deliver a data strategy roadmap that prioritised the strategic initiatives necessary to support the future business objectives of the charity.

What did Analytium do?

Analytium, experts in data and analytics, kicked off the project with a full situational assessment and worked with GamCare's Quality and Innovation Directorate to understand the current maturity of the data. Analytium's data strategists and systems architects collected information from within the organisation through a series of one-to-one stakeholder interviews and data strategy workshops.

Through these workshops, Analytium outlined 17 strategic initiatives and assigned priorities against each of them, in support of the business strategy. A roadmap was constructed, that was aligned with the organisation's six strategic objectives for 2022-2023 and beyond, giving them a foundation that would enable them to realise previously impossible strategic initiatives. A final workshop with GamCare outlined the final strategy, including blueprints for the organisation and architecture, with recommendations on realising their data objectives.

The Result

As a result of the project, GamCare worked with Analytium to integrate the new API, roll out the new platform, and migrate and collate the data. Analytium continues to work with GamCare to integrate data points that demonstrate the ROI of the new data strategy roadmap. The new data strategy will enable GamCare to help more people when they need it the most.

"It can be challenging for companies to sometimes appreciate the potential of a new data strategy and the tangible, measurable benefits that can empower entire organisations. The industry that GamCare operates in is at the cutting edge of technology, and being able to deliver a data strategy to help ensure they keep pace with others was critical - it's so rewarding to know that our work will enable GamCare to help more people when they need it the most," Lindsay Schreiber, Data Strategist at Analytium.

Post by Analytium
March 1, 2022