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Technology Expertise

Analytium is proficient in a range of technologies including business intelligence platforms, data integration tools, and machine learning solutions, all curated to boost our clients' data capabilities and drive their digital transformation journey. Here are our 3 Key Technology based Differentiators:

Business Intelligence

Our cutting-edge business intelligence solutions redefine the way companies interpret and leverage data, offering unrivaled insights into business performance.


Data Quality

Our data integration expertise ensures seamless and efficient processes, enhancing data quality and accessibility across the organisation.

Business Innovation 

By applying machine learning and advanced analytics, we transform complex datasets into strategic assets, propelling business innovation and success.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is deeply integrated into our service offerings, ensuring that each project benefits from our comprehensive understanding of the latest data technologies and industry best practices. 

Areas of Expertise

Azure Cognitive Service

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services bring the power of AI within reach, allowing organisations to incorporate intelligent features into their apps and operational workflows...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Enables businesses to infuse AI capabilities into their apps without in-depth machine learning expertise.
2. These services provide advanced vision, language, decision and search functionalities that enhance user experience and operational automation.
3. Cognitive services drive innovation, offering opportunities to develop applications that can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret users' needs.
Azure Data Platform

Azure Data Platform

The Azure Data Platform stands as a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates the effective and efficient handling of data throughout its lifecycle, from storage to analysis ...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Integrated and quality-assured data ensures a unified source of truth, critical for consistent and reliable business decision-making.
2. Effective data integration harmonises disparate data sources, simplifying analytics and revealing a comprehensive view of business operations.
3. Committing to data quality minimizes errors and inaccuracies, fostering trust and adherence to regulatory compliance.
Business Intelligence Tools

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning service opens the door to a new era of model development and deployment, offering tools and pipelines ...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Data maturity aligns with business maturity, driving more informed strategies and effectively leveraging investments.
2. As data maturity increases, so does the ability to harness impactful insights, enabling predictive capabilities over reactionary analytics.
3. Elevated data maturity presents opportunities for innovation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and competitive differentiation.
Azure Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft PowerBI is a pioneering business intelligence tool that enables organisations to convert data from various sources into meaningful and visually appealing reports and dashboards...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Assessing your data platform is essential for ensuring it aligns with business objectives and is capable of supporting future growth.
2. It uncovers performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, allowing for a more robust and risk-mitigated data strategy.
3. A well-assessed platform is foundational to leveraging big data and analytics for sustained competitive advantages.

Machine Learning Operations

MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) is an essential discipline that integrates machine learning systems into organisational infrastructure...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Data Science unlocks hidden patterns and insights within your data, translating into smarter business decisions and operational efficiencies.
2. It's central to developing predictive models that anticipate market trends, customer behaviours, and potential risks.
3. Integrating data science into your business strategy fosters a data-centric culture, driving innovation and growth.
SAS on Mainframe

SAS® on Mainframe

SAS® on Mainframe binds the reliability and security of mainframe computing with the analytical prowess of SAS®, forming a powerful backbone for enterprise-scale analytics...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Predictive modeling transforms raw data into strategic foresight, allowing businesses to prepare for and capitalize on future events.
2. It enhances risk assessment, enabling companies to proactively manage uncertainties and allocate resources more effectively.
3. Insights from predictive models seed innovation, pushing the envelope of what's possible through data-driven explorations.
SAS Platform Modernisation

SAS® Language

SAS® Language has been a standard for statistical analysis, offering a powerful scripting syntax to perform sophisticated data analysis and generate meaningful insights...

Why Does This Matter?

1. A dedicated data warehouse enhances data management, consolidation and facilitates complex queries and reports with higher performance.
2. It's the backbone of a streamlined, scalable BI environment that supports advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.
3. Deploying this is a proactive step towards achieving compliance with data governance and privacy regulations.
SAS Viya

SAS® Viya

SAS® Viya provides a modern, flexible environment for analytics and AI, delivering faster, more robust insights through an integrated platform...

Why Does This Matter?

1. Self-Service BI empowers your teams with direct access to data insights, encouraging a pervasive analytics culture.
2. Visually engaging data visualisation tools enable more effective communication of complex information, aiding in collaboration and strategy.
3. It democratises data analysis, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up the decision-making process across the organisation.

Adopt a Data Mindset

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