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Technology Expertise

At Analytium, our mission is to transform your business challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. We specialise in understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored data and analytics solutions that drive performance and innovation.

Here’s how we can help you:

Business Intelligence

By transforming your raw data into actionable insights, we empower your team to make informed decisions that enhance business performance and drive growth.


Data Quality

Our expertise in data integration ensures seamless processes that enhance data quality across your organisation, enabling you to trust the information that drives your business decisions.

Business Innovation 

We convert complex datasets into strategic assets. Our solutions propel business innovation, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and achieve sustainable success.

Our Expertise:
Your Advantage

At Analytium, our expertise is the cornerstone of every service we offer, ensuring that your projects benefit from the latest data technologies and industry best practices. We integrate our deep knowledge into tailored solutions that address your unique business challenges, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth. Whether you're looking to enhance data quality, leverage business intelligence, or apply advanced analytics, our team is dedicated to delivering the results you need to succeed.

Our Areas of Expertise:
Solving Your Business Challenges

Azure Cognitive Service

Azure Cognitive Services

Bringing AI to Your Business: We help you integrate AI capabilities seamlessly into your workflows, enhancing user experiences and automating operations without needing in-depth machine learning expertise.

Why This Matters to You

1. Infuse AI into your apps effortlessly, boosting functionality and user engagement.
2. Enhance operations with advanced vision, language, decision, and search capabilities.
3. Drive innovation by creating applications that understand and respond to user needs.
Azure Data Platform

Azure Data Platform

Your Unified Data Ecosystem: Manage your data effectively with the Azure Data Platform. We ensure your data is integrated, quality-assured, and ready for analysis, providing a reliable foundation for informed decision-making.

Why This Matters to You

1. Achieve a unified source of truth for consistent, reliable business decisions.
2. Simplify analytics with seamless data integration, offering a holistic view of operations.
3. Minimise errors and enhance regulatory compliance with high-quality data management.
Business Intelligence Tools

Azure Machine Learning

Integrate and Innovate: Discover the full potential of your data. Our services help you develop and deploy models that drive strategic insights and foster continuous improvement.

Why This Matters to You

1. Align data maturity with business maturity to enhance strategic planning.
2. Enable predictive analytics, shifting from reactionary to proactive decision-making.
3. Foster innovation and competitive differentiation through advanced data capabilities.
Azure Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Transform Data into Insights: Turn your data into actionable insights with Microsoft Power BI. We help you create meaningful, visually appealing reports and dashboards that support your business objectives and future growth.

Why This Matters to You

1. Ensure your data platform aligns with your business goals and supports growth.
2. Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities.
3. Leverage big data and analytics for sustained competitive advantages.


Machine Learning Operations

Integrate and Innovate: Integrate machine learning seamlessly into your organisational infrastructure with MLOps. Our expertise ensures that your data science initiatives drive smarter business decisions and operational efficiencies.

Why This Matter to You

1. Uncover hidden patterns and insights within your data for better decision-making.
2. Develop predictive models to anticipate trends, behaviours, and risks.
3. Foster a data-centric culture that drives innovation and growth.
SAS on Mainframe

SAS® on Mainframe

Reliable, Secure, and Powerful Analytics: Combine the reliability of mainframe computing with the analytical power of SAS® to transform raw data into strategic foresight. We help you leverage these capabilities to prepare for future events and enhance risk management.

Why This Matters to You

1. Transform data into strategic insights for proactive business planning.
2. Enhance risk assessment and resource allocation.
3. Drive innovation through data-driven explorations and insights.

SAS Platform Modernisation

SAS® Language

Future-Proof Your Analytics: Modernise your analytics infrastructure with SAS® Viya, a flexible and integrated platform for analytics and AI. We help you achieve faster, more robust insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Why This Matters to You

1. A dedicated data warehouse enhances data management, consolidation and facilitates complex queries and reports with higher performance.
2. It's the backbone of a streamlined BI environment that supports advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.
3. Deploying this is a proactive step towards achieving compliance with data governance and privacy regulations.
SAS Viya

SAS® Platform Modernisation

Future-Proof Your Analytics: Modernise your analytics infrastructure with SAS® Viya, a flexible and integrated platform for analytics and AI. We help you achieve faster, more robust insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Why This Matters to You

1. Enhance data management and performance with a dedicated data warehouse.
2. Support advanced analytics and decision-making in a scalable BI environment.
3. Ensure compliance with data governance and privacy regulations.

Adopt a Data Mindset

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will show you how data & analytics will help.