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Explore how companies are transforming their operations with Microsoft AI and discover how you can accelerate AI adoption in your organisation.

The Business Opportunity of AI IDC

This report provides insights into the top use cases for AI, including automating IT tasks, fraud detection, cybersecurity, and business process automation.

Learn how 71% of organisations currently using AI have seen significant improvements in customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and market share.

Discover why 43% of companies are reallocating budgets to prioritise AI investments and how they are overcoming common challenges such as a lack of skilled workers and concerns about data security.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the Impact: For every $1 invested in AI, companies are realising an average of $3.5 in return, with some achieving up to $8.
  • Quick Implementation: 92% of AI deployments are completed within 12 months, with 40% taking less than 6 months.
  • Strategic Insights: Learn from AI leaders who align their AI strategies with business goals, enforce responsible AI principles, and achieve higher revenue growth and customer satisfaction.
Post by Analytium
May, '24