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In this webinar our experts show you how to unlock your Hubspot data with Azure Data Factory. Discover how to seamlessly visualise data, enhancing your decision-making capabilities. During the webinar, we will guide you through a journey from raw data to actionable insights, equipping you with the tools to start extracting more value from your data assets. 

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, our experts show you:

  • The capabilities of Azure Data Factory platform.
  • How to connect to HubSpot from Azure Data Factory and pull data into Azure SQL Database.
  • Example of data transformation in Azure Data Factory.
  • How to connect to Azure SQL Database in Power BI and visualisation on Hubspot data.

Watch This Webinar

This webinar is for everyone looking to enhance the reporting capabilities of their existing Hubspot platform using a centralised reporting dashboard.

Note that this session has taken place in the past. Register on this form to get access to the On-Demand webinar recording.


3 Key Benefits You Will Gain

Understand which benefits you will gain by viewing this recording.

Streamlined Data Integration
Advanced Data Transformation
Powerful Visualisation Tools


Not sure if this webinar is relevant to you? Here are the answers to a few common questions.

What will I gain from attending this webinar?
This webinar is designed to provide you with practical knowledge and skills on how to leverage Azure Data Factory for advanced data processing and visualization with PowerBI. By the end of the session, you will understand how to transform your raw HubSpot data into insightful, actionable information, enabling your organization to make informed, data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently. 
Is this webinar suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! While our webinar will go into some advanced topics, it is structured in a way that makes it accessible for attendees of all skill levels. We'll start with the basics of Azure Data Factory and gradually build up to more complex data transformation and visualization techniques. So, whether you’re new to data and analytics or looking to build your existing skills, there is something here for you.

How can I implement the learnings from this webinar in my organisation?

Implementing the learnings from this webinar into your organization starts with understanding the capabilities of Azure Data Factory and PowerBI and how they can be applied to your specific business scenarios. We will provide examples and best practices that can be adapted to your organization's needs, focusing on improving your data processing workflows, enhancing analysis, and extracting more value from your HubSpot data.

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Maryna Paluyanava
Post by Maryna Paluyanava
Apr, '24
Maryna is an Associate Consultant at Analytium.