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All of us are on an exciting journey, exploring how we can use data and analytics in our businesses, better. It's not an easy road, and we know that starting data and analytics projects can sometimes fail to meet business expectations. It's a common hurdle we all face in this field.

Research from Gartner has found that an astounding 87% of organisations are just at a basic level of maturity, according to a business intelligence study.

We share with you a single framework for making data and analytics work for you, and to reinforce your decision-making, leading to real and measurable business success.

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, our experts show you:

  • Data strategy and roadmap potential
  • Data Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • 6 dimensions of data and analytics foundation

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3 Key Benefits You Will Gain

Understand which benefits you will gain by viewing this recording.

Learn How Organisations Often Fail to Implement Analytics
Insight Into a Data Maturity Curve
Discover Your Vision to Your Strategy
  • What do we do? 
  • How do we do it?


Not sure if this webinar is relevant to you? Here are the answers to a few common questions.

What will attendees gain from attending the webinar on the data and analytics maturity curve in businesses?
Who is the intended audience for this webinar?
What topics will be covered during the webinar?

It will cover a range of topics, including an overview of the data and analytics maturity curve, key milestones at each stage, best practices for advancing along the curve, real-world examples and actionable insights for driving business transformation.

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Vasilij Nevlev
Post by Vasilij Nevlev
Apr, '24
Vasilij is the founder of Analytium. His career is characterised by a data driven mindset, which he now uses to achieve great results for others.