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Data Visualisation

Cloud-based visual analytics solutions empower your team to unlock and understand actionable insights from your data. Enhance data democracy by allowing your team to navigate and explore your data with intuitive visualisations, gaining a deeper understanding and driving improved decision-making. 

Analytical Team Work

Analytical Team Work

Self-Service Business Intelligence empowers your teams with direct access to data insights, encouraging a data driven culture.
Data Art

Data Art

Visually engaging data visualisation tools enable more effective communication of complex information, promoting collaboration and strategic thinking.
Analyse with more eyes

Data Democracy

Data Visualisation helps break through barriers where more people in the organisation can conceptualise the analysis of the data. This makes decision-making a smoother and quicker process. 

Service Overview

Analytium's Self-Service BI and Data Visualisation services offer user-friendly platforms which allow non-technical users to explore data, create compelling visuals, and gather actionable insights. Decentralise data insights and boost decision making performance at every level of your organisation.


Explore the insights and clarity that our services bring to the world of data. Whether you're navigating the complexities of integration or ensuring the best data quality, we're here to answer your questions.
How does self-service BI differ from traditional BI?
Self-service BI is designed to be intuitive and user-driven, minimising the need for IT intervention and speeding up analysis.
What should I look for in a data visualisation tool?
Key features include ease of use, customisation options, interactivity, and the ability to handle various data sources. 
Can multiple departments utilise the same self-service BI tools?
Yes, solutions are configured to meet the distinct needs of different departments while maintaining a unified data overview. This integration is one of the most powerful assets of a self service BI platform.

Featured Use Cases

Cloud-Based Customer Experience Analytics for Marketing
Cloud-Based Customer Experience Analytics for Marketing
Context and Need: Marketing departments in midmarket companies often face challenges in understanding and enhancing customer experiences due to a lack of in-depth analytics tools​​.
Practical Application: Analytium's Self-Service BI / Data Visualisation service offers cloud-based customer experience analytics, allowing marketing teams to analyse customer data and gain insights into customer preferences and behaviour patterns. The self-service aspect empowers marketing professionals to create customised reports and visualisations, aiding in the development of targeted marketing strategies and campaigns that resonate with their customer base.
Visualising Operational Data for Improved Efficiency
Visualising Operational
Data for Improved
Context and Need: Operational departments require efficient ways to visualise and interpret data for process optimisation and decision-making​​​​.
Practical Application: The service provides operations teams with self-service BI and data visualisation tools to analyse operational data effectively. These tools enable teams to identify inefficiencies, monitor process performance, and visualise key metrics, leading to more informed decision-making and improved operational efficiency. The ability to quickly create and customise visual reports enhances the team's agility in responding to operational challenges.
Financial Reporting and Analysis Enhancement
Financial Reporting
and Analysis
Context and Need: Finance departments need effective tools for financial reporting and analysis to manage budgets, forecast trends, and ensure compliance​​​​.
Practical Application: This service equips finance teams with self-service BI and cloud analytics tools, enabling them to create comprehensive financial reports and visualisations. These tools facilitate better understanding and communication of financial data, aiding in budgeting, forecasting, and financial decision-making processes. The self-service aspect allows finance professionals to tailor their analyses to specific needs, improving financial transparency and strategic planning.

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